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Your unique QR Code

Every customer gets two pages: A qr code and a digital business card page. You can either use the qr code page to link someone to your card or you can simply screen shot the qr code for an easy way to connect someone to you.

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Your homepage

Tell us what you want your digital business card to say. Or give us your physical business card and we can build the page for you. It’s your business card, make it look the way you want!

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One-Click Contact

This unique feature will allow someone to click on your card and automatically add you as a contact directly into their device. We also use the notes section to add in more information about you and your business. Just like that, your business card is stored in their phone.

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Business Cards

We also sell physical business cards. Contact Patrick Arehart at 937-439-0444 to inquire about the style and content of your business cards.

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Simplify your life and get your digital business card today

Business cards are a staple of the modern business world. They allow people to connect with other businesses to mutually benefit each party. They enable businesses to grow.

Business cards, while convenient, can also be a hassle. They are easy to lose and you have to make sure that you have enough with you.

Patrick Arehart, CTO of the IT company Arehart Consulting, LLC, had an idea. What if your business card was digitized? All you have to do is simply pull out your phone and it's right there in the palm of your hand. We have a special feature that allows someone to add your contact directly into their phone with one click.

Networking has never been so easy with qrZip.

Watch our video explaining more about the services qrZip has to offer.

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