How qrZip Works

Based on your name we will build you 2 custom built web pages just for you!

Examples are:

The page with "qr" will be the QR code that you can show to other people that will automatically link them to your business card. All current iPhones and most Android phones automatically read QR codes in their camera app. Have the person you want to give your Digital Business Card (DBC) open up their camera app and point at your QR Code you open on your phone. Don't worry, we'll personally train you how to do this!

Using the QR code is completely optional. You can always just tell a person to go directly to your name or use the directory on Soon Google should index your name and you can have a person search on qrzip and your name, like "qrzip patrick".

The /"yourname" page will actually have your business card. This will be the landing page for the QR code and should also be the link you give to people should you choose not to show them your QR code. We suggest putting this link in your email signature so that people you communicate with can easily access your digital business card. Don't worry, we'll personally train you how to do this!

Watch our video to learn even more about our product.

Creating an email signature on an iPhone:

1.  Go to your Settings app.
2.  Scroll down until you find the section entitled "Mail."
3.  Scroll down again until you see the "Composing" section. The second-
      to-last field should be "Signature." Click on this.
4.  You can decide at this point if you want to set your signature for         
      every email account on your phone or if you wish to choose only     
      one account. Make sure the check mark on the right is in the field      
       that you choose.
5.  Then click the text field right below. As before, you can enter what 
      text you want to be your signature.
6.  To include a link to your digital business card, open Safari.
7.  Go to the link for your digital business card (, 
     remember that "101" will change to match your personal ID number).
8.  In the address bar press and hold the URL until options pop up. You 
      will want to click "Select All" and then "Copy."
9.  Now go back to the Settings app. Press and hold the spot where you 
      want your link to be until options pop up. Click "Paste" and you'll be   
      able to see your link! On mobile you cannot edit the text of your    
      hyperlink so if you want to change this you'll need to use Outlook.
10. As Apple automatically saves the changes you've made to your 
      signature, you're all done!

How to make an email signature in Outlook on a desktop:

1. Open the Outlook app on your computer.
2. In the search bar at the top, type in "signature."
3. Click on "Signature" and it will bring up "signatures." This will take
     you to the editor.
4. Click the "New" button right below the field in the top left. Outlook
     will ask you to give your new signature a name.
5. Then in the text field in the bottom, write what you would like your
     signature to say. If you are going to include your digital business
     card link, we suggest having that link listed first and then below
     include your phone number.
6. To create the hyperlink that will take you to your digital business
     card, you'll need to click on the link icon located above and to the
     right of the text field. This will bring up a dialog box.
7. Make sure that "Existing File or Web Page" is selected. Then at the
     top write in the "Text to display" field what you would like your link
     to say. At the bottom is the "Address" field. This is where you will
     copy and paste your digital business card link. Then press "OK."
8. To save your signature click "OK."

Example Digital Business Cards

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